At a very early age in my life I loved taking photographs with my Fathers 35mm SLR camera. It was the start of understanding framing, laws of photography and noticing how light fell on my subject. I left school in Cornwall in 1984 with 0 levels in Art, Physics, Maths and English.
In 1985 I started to work for a video production company based in Bath. I started working in the edit suites as an assistant editor. After a year, and watching rushes that were coming in from all over the world from our in house film crews, I decided that working with a camera was going to be more appealing to me than being in the edit suite. I managed to join the crew as an Assistant Cameraman in 1987. We travelled worldwide shooting corporate videos and commercials until 1989.
I moved to London at the end of 1989 to a crewing company called Crystal Films that was owned and ran by award winning D. O.P. Les Young. I became his assistant and learned using 16mm and 35mm film. We spent the next 6 years working on South Bank Show documentaries and film dramas. I will always thank Les for his input into my cinematography knowledge.
In 1995 I left Crystal Films and went freelance as a Lighting Cameraman. I lit and shot various documentaries, light entertainment, short films and dramatized inserts for documentaries. I had my first experience lighting TV. Drama in 1999 when I was asked to D.O.P. on a series called “Doctors” for the BBC.
Since then my career as a D.O.P. has got bigger and better shooting a wide range of television dramas. I had a BAFTA nomination for best Cinematography in 2010 and a short film I shot received a Oscar nomination in 2011. I still to this very day love being on set with the Director and working alongside them to produce the best drama I possibly can.


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