An Oscar & BAFTA nominated Director of Photography with over 23 years experience in feature, drama and documentary filming. Fully proficient in all filming formats including 35mm, Super 16mm, Red1 Camera, Arri’s Alexa, Hi-Def, Canon 5D and C300, Digi-Beta, DV Cam and Mini DV.
A selection of credits are listing below followed by my relevant credentials and areas of expertise.

Features & Shorts

A 15 minute short film telling the story of a young girl who is obsessed with fire. She is sent to therapy where she has a very interesting meeting. Shot on location and studio with the Arri Alexa Camera.
Producer/ Director Ian Barnes

A short film shot in studio set in Merton. A story of a prison guard and prisoner who are left alone during a full riot in the prison. Shot with the Canon 5D camera and prime lenses. The film has been entered into many festivals and hoping it gets commissioned to become a full length feature in 2012.
Director Sam Callis

WISH 143
A 20 minute short film shot on Hi.Def . with prime lenses. A story of a young terminal cancer patient who’s last wish is to have sex with a woman. Shot on location in Bristol. This film has won 3 awards in various film festivals and in 2011 had an Oscar Nomination.
Producer Sam Waite Director Ian Barnes

A full length feature film based on true events of a MI6 agent finding proof that there was never any weapons of mass destruction found in Iraq. But the United States go to war anyway. Shot on a wide range of camera formats from HD to CCTV cameras. Shot on location in London, Rome, Washington DC and Berlin.
Producer Christine Hartland Director David Holroyd


Made by Hat Trick Productions for the first commission by UKTV.
A comedy drama about a the ups and downs of family life. Shot entirely on locations
around London. 6 x half hour episodes to be aired Autumn 2013. Arri Alexa cameras with
Optimo zoom lenses.

Made for Sky 1 made by Hewland International. All shot on Digi-Beta and then very
highly graded to give it a film look. Mainly on location in London and Majorca.
Producer Gordon Clark, Reza Maradi.

For the BBC. Shooting 2nd unit and pick up days for the popular BBC 3
Doctor Who spin off. Shot on Hi-Def on location and studio set in Cardiff.
Producer Richard Stokes. Director James Strong

Made by the BBC. A hospital drama series mainly shot in the studio at
Borehamwood. Shot on DigiBeta and as of 2010 moved to Sony HD cameras.
Producer Simon Meyers. Oliver Kent, Myar Craig Directors Paul Kousolides, Simon
Meyers. David Innes Edwards, Nigel Douglas, A.J. Quinn.

Made for the BBC. Including episodes 1 and 2 of a new series and the Christmas
Episode 2005. These were made on a larger budget and scale than a standard episode, shooting at 60 fps on the Panasonic Vari-Cam Hi-Def camera for the stunt sequences.
Episodes 1 and 2 were sent to BAFTA for consideration for a nomination and were also nominated for an RTS award in 2006.
Producer Sue Howells, Diana Kyle. Directors Steve Kelly, Ian Barnes, Paul Harrison, Paul Walker, Andy Hay.

Made for Talkback Thames. Episodes 7 and 8 for a stand alone story line spanning over 8 x 1 hour eps. These eps included major set pieces. Shot on location and studio set. In 2010 I shot the last ever episode that ended up with a 4 minute Stedicam shot at night.
Producer Sue Howels, Director Steve Kelly, Reza Moradi

Made for the BBC. Shot 2nd unit and covered D.o.P. on main unit in and around Cardiff.
Producer Phil Collinson. Director James Strong

Made for the BBC by the production company Tightrope North. A pilot episode written by Paul Abbot and Caleb Hanson. Shot on location in and around Manchester. Still waiting for commission on a series by the BBC.
Producer Barbara McKissack. Director Paul Walker

Written by Paul Abbot and shot on Hi-Def in Manchester. Mostly studio based with some location shooting. A very documentary, hand held feel drama. Lit and operated.
Producer Lawrence Till Director Paul Walker.

Made by Carnival Films for the BBC. 8 part drama series based in and around a 5 star hotel in central London. Shot for 18 weeks on Hi Def with film lenses on location and studio set.
Producers Polly Williams, Gareth Neame. Directors Andy Hay, Jim Loach

Made by Red Planet Pictures for BBC Wales. A 6 part series following young Doctors on their first day at Hospital. All shot in Cearphilly on Panasonic HD cameras with prime lenses. I received a BAFTA nomination for Cinematography in 2010.
Producer Martin Hutchins. Directors Gareth Bryn, Ashley Way

Made by ITV productions for BBC3. A 6 part comedy drama following a handy man and his clumsy college. All shot on location around Manchester on HD with 35mm Prime Lenses.
Producer Rohan Archarya Director Iain B MacDonald

Made by Rough Cut Productions for SKY1. A 8 part comedy drama set in a
fictitious supermarket. Shot on the RED camera with Cooke prime lenses. Mainly studio
based. Jane Horracks and Mark Addy star.
Producer Sue Howells. Director Paul Walker.

Drama -Doc

Made for ITV. A documentary with Elton John who walks through his life with the aid of archive footage. All shot in Las Vegas in a green screen studio along with concert footage at Caesars Palace. Shot on Sony HD cameras.

For ITV. A 90 minute drama telling the storey of Jane Andrews the
Assistant to Sarah Ferguson, who murdered her boyfriend. Shot in London and St. Tropez.

For ITV. An hour full drama with Clive Mantel playing Sion Jenkins, the
School Teacher who was accused for killing his step daughter. Shot entirely on location.

A drama reconstruction of the trial of Barry George the
Man accused for killing Jill Dando. Made for the Tonight program as a 1 hour special.


For ITV. Over the past 15 years I have shot over 20 arts documentaries on a very wide selection of artists and art forms, including Clint Eastwood, Steve Martin, Pavarotti, Dolly Parton, Bill Bryson, Ron Howard. Traveling all over the world shooting on super 16mm and Digi Beta.

For the ITV. A one hour documentary in the “Real Crimes” series, telling the story of how DNA was first used to solve crimes. Shot with some drama reconstruction on Hi Def.


Cinematographic training came from working with the award winning D.O.P. Les Young owner of Crystal Film & Video for 7 years where I learnt all aspects of lighting and camera skills, working on drama, documentaries and light entertainment programmes. These were shot both in the UK and Overseas from 1987 to 1994.
BBC Passport 2004 – ‘Safe Working with Cameras & Lights’ health and safety course.
Member of the Guild of British Camera Technicians (G.B.C.T.) and was mentioned in their December issue of their magazine. For my work on the Casualty/ Holby Christmas Episode.


• Fully knowledgeable on every format of film, large format hi-def and video cameras. Including Arri Alexa, Red1 and Canon C300, Canon 5D
• Experienced with all kinds of camera accessories such as cranes, specialist lenses and camera mounts to give the director the shot they need.
• Able to organize highly experienced crews, equipment and transport for all type of shoots in UK and abroad.
• Work closely with Stunt Coordinaters and Special Effects teams to achieve a safe working environment for cast & crew on both large and expensive night time explosions.
• Lighting experience ranging from large night exteriors to small studio set ups using all types of lamps from18k’s to in car Kino kits.
• Work closely with film or video graders to finalize the “Look” of the production.